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EMOTO is Israel’s EV Superstore. 

EMOTO is the preferred distributor of road legal electric vehicles from today’s leading independent manufacturers.  No longer just a distributor of electric motorcycles, scooters and competition vehicles, EMOTO has recently expanded its vehicle offering in Israel to include light electric utility vehicles and quadricycles and EMOTO will be launching passenger cars in early 2020. Visit EMOTO today to find an electric vehicle that’s right for you.

Electric Vehicles @EMOTO

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ZAP! Electrics

ZAP! since 1994 a leader in electric vehicles with the best-selling scooters in their class. The ZAP! Puma maxi-scooter is available in a variety of battery configurations for unparalleled flexibility. There’s a ZAP! Puma that’s perfect for  you whether you never leave the city or require several hundred kilometers between charges. The ZAP! Pulse is an electric spin on the iconic Vespa scooter, with removable battery perfect for apartment dwellers and delivery services alike. Come see the new ZAP! M6 the ideal city motorcycle with exhilarating acceleration and 100km city range.

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OSET Bikes (UK)

OSET, based in the UK, is the world leader in youth competition motorcycles. OSET Trial Bikes and the MX-10 motocross offer exceptional quality and reliability, providing parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing that these bikes are built to last. Fun for all ages, the OSET 12.5R is designed for children as young as 3 years old and the OSET 20R and 24R Trial Bikes are a favorite with adults.

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Kuberg (Czech)

Kuberg Start, Hero and X-Force competition motorcycles are a favorite with parents for their quality and advanced design. The street-legal Kuberg Freerider at only 40kg is in a league of its own and with its swappable battery there is no place you will not reach. Kuberg youth motorcycles a highest power/weight ratio in the industry and are built to last.

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Evoke (HK)

Evoke Electric Motorcycles speak to the soul with exceptional styling. Evoke are the latest in smart motorcycles easily accessible to those with a desire to ride regardless of skill level. Evoke incorporates proprietary battery and powertrain technologies for an always on, always connected riding experience, achieving the perfect balance between hardware and software for maximum rider excitement. Evoke are engineered and manufactured with highest concern for rider safety without sacrificing performance.

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Tropos Motors (USA)

Tropos Motors offers a full line of durable, versatile and capable eCUVs (electric Commercial Utility Vehicles). The Tropos Motors ABLE and ABLE XR are capable of handling large payloads and towing capacities, and can operate in extremely tight quarters with a short wheelbase and turning radius. The Tropos ABLE XR offers industry leading power and safety with airbags and ABS standard, high-efficiency air conditioning for the heat of Israel, a top speed of 100km/h and ranges of over 250km to move quickly through traffic without needing to charge during the day.

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Greyp Bikes (Croatia)

Greyp is what happens when the world’s most powerful electric vehicle manufacturer decides to build light motorcycles. Manufactured by RIMAC in Croatia to an uncompromising standards, Greyps are considered to be the world’s most powerful and advanced electric bikes. Greyp Bikes will amaze you with their capabilities.

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Stealth (AU)

STEALTH Electric Bikes are the original name in high-performance no compromises electric motorcycles (with or without pedals). Designed and manufactured in Australia, Stealth are known for their toughness and ability to conquer anything in their path. With speeds of up to 80 km/h, the agility only available in a light motorcycle only the best components, Stealth are ridden by some of the best in the world.

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GenZe (USA)

GenZe, built in Detroit, is the leader in electric low-power scooters in the United States.  The GenZe app allows you to plan routes, run diagnostics, estimate range, and manage security, all from your smartphone. EMOTO is proud to be the first distributor of GenZe scooters outside of the USA.

Authorized Garages

052-844-4814 / 03-575-5215
Hayarkon 45, Bnei Brak
Yitzhak Sadeh 40, Tel Aviv
Manai 10, Hadera
Ha-Khilazon 14, Ramat Gan
Ha-Mekhonai 15, Modiin
052-844-4814 / 03-575-5215
הירקון 45, בני ברק
אופנועי הקריה
יצחק שדה 40, תל אביב יפו
שמעון אופנועים
מנא”י 10, חדרה
עלית מוטורס
החילזון 14, רמת גן
טיפ טופ אופנועים
כביש ראשי המשולש, טירה
מוסך דני בלחסן
המכונאי 15, מודיעין